Power Control Cable

Until recently, physical performance and reliability of wires took precedence over flame retardance. In the recent years, flame retardant cables have gained huge popularity and importance across the world. Increasing number of people are now using flame retardant cables in order to ensure safety against fire. An assembly of one or more cables, held together with an overall sheath, is called Power Cable. This assembly is useful for transmission of electrical power. Power cable can installed permanently within building, buried in ground, or run overhead. We, K. M. Cables & Conductors, are committed to offer best quality range of Power Cable at the most competitive price. Power Cables have proven to be extremely effective in electrical and electronic industries. To ascertain optimum performance level, we make use of best of materials such as low density polyethylene. It is a thermoplastic material that consist long chain of hydrocarbon molecules.

We undertake the entire manufacturing process in sync with the industry safety standards as well as guidelines. The power cables offered by us have good resistance to stress cracking as well as resistance to ageing in hot air. Despite a change in its structure, there will be no adverse effect on the electrical properties.

Some of the advantages of Power Cables are as mentioned below:

  • Higher current carrying capacity
  • Light in weight
  • Dielectric losses are very small
  • Jointing and termination is convenient
  • Unmatched resistance to most oils, chemicals, acids, etc.
  • No fatigue damages due to loading cycles or vibrations
  • Easy to install along cable routes without elevation limitations

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